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Security and Fire Projects provide integrated electronic access control, fire detection, fire protection, digital CCTV and peripheral equipment providing the client with single systems integrator ensuring equipment compatibility and solutions achieved.

Security and Fire Projects has attained a recognized position in the market as a reputable, dynamic organization staffed by professionals with hands on experience.

The success of the organization has continued to evolve based on the transparency of the organization utilizing quality products bearing international approvals available through more than one source locally giving the client the ability to select alternate providers ensuring no lock in
arrangements which restrict customer choice, this maintains pricing in accordance with market forces with value-added service being provided.

Security and Fire Projects was formed by Owen Smit and Barry Botha, Security and Fire Projects started trading in  1997 as a Close Corporation but it was soon realised that the company’s success in the market place required a transformation from a Close Corporation to a Proprietary Limited in order to provide clients with the confidence undertaking and knowledge of
the business through audited financials and increasing the bankers facilities allowing the organisation to develop into a serious market force in this industry.

In its 14 year history the company has developed into a reputable and dynamic organisation that has been established as a serious market leader in the fire and security industry. 

The business has evolved into a business of enormous proportions and unlimited potential, all mainly due to the commitment to provide much needed value added service.

Security and Fire Projects operate throughout South Africa and outside the South African Borders providing a competitively priced solution meeting the client’s technical and quality requirements with after sales service.    Security and Fire Projects are based in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.   Security and Fire Projects generally make use of in-house services and where required would appoint external resources.

Security and Fire Projects are affiliated with International Fire Engineers, Fire Protection Association of South Africa, SIRA and Fire Detection Installers Association.

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