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CCTV Digital Surveillance and recording systems


Samsung CCTV

Speed, performance, ease of use, and terrific design. The ONE that has it all.. SVR-1650

The SVR-1650 is a 16 channel stand-alone DVR showcasing state-of-the-art digital image processing technology. The cutting-edge MPEG-4 compression technology was used to build the SVR-1650 to give it a capability to record video at 480fps.

The SVR-1650's dual image processing unit stabilizes network transmissions and improves network speed to an incomparable level.You can configure up to 4 internal HDD for 720 x 480, crystal
clear, high resolution image data storage, and the standard DVD+RW, together with a USB memory stick, provide convenient ways to back-up large data. The SVR-1650 is controlled by a mouse, something you are already familiar with. Together with the user friendly GUI, controlling the SVR-1650 couldn't be easier. It also comes with standard multi-protocol for easy networking with other peripherals. All the premium functions are included in the SVR-1650 to give you the highest level of security, and its luxurious design will upgrade the elegance of your video surveillance system.