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Integrated Access Control Systems


Cardax FT

With a Cardax FT system, you have full control over where, and when, staff, visitors or vehicles can move at all times.

Staff working alone after hours cause special concern, but with Cardax FT you can rest assured that any staff working after hours are in a secured environment. No need to worry about anyone wandering in off the street.
Forget the panic of master keys being lost or stolen. Cardax FT uses programmed cards that can be cancelled in a keystroke - ensuring the ongoing security of your premises. You'll never need to change the locks again.
Cards can be modified instantly to allow or cancel authorised access to any secure area. Adding new staff is just as simple.

Cardax FT can produce reports and audit trails of all movements. It's that simple.

What sets Cardax apart?
Open enterprise system architecture
Innovation: 1st Genuine native IP Controllers
Highest encryption available
True Peer-to-peer communications
Fully integrated intruder alarms
World s first integrated perimeter security: PowerFence™ Trophy FT
Attitude of cooperation and mutual success from all levels of company Cardax FT Command Centre
Organisations choose Gallagher Security Management Systems because they want:
A solution which will meet the security needs of their organisation today and beyond
To benefit from Gallagher s expertise and knowledge about security
To have a complete, integratable security solution which exploits the advantage of network technology
To be able to upgrade their solutions progressively as new innovative solutions and products are released
To do business with dedicated people around the globe who provide solutions that work.
Gallagher recognises the value of a company's service offering. That is why we place a strong emphasis on demonstrating customer focus through providing a full range of services to support their security systems.

Our focus on meeting customer needs extends from system and product design to a range of services to support our business partners, including Customer Services, Marketing Services, Technical Support and Training Services - all available from our web portal, the Cardax Support Site.


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